Parita Portrait
Parita Portrait
Parita Portrait
Parita Portrait

Parita Portrait

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Medium: Oil, Spray paint & Pencil on Board

Overall size:  914mm Height: 1238mm 40mm deep 



About the artwork:

The portrait of Parita continues with Sara’s exploration of bodies and changes we make to them.

In this case thinking about the changes we make which are on more common ground.  The decision to bring another life in to the world is one which brings change to our bodies. Once we become pregnant our bodies are forever modifying. Pregnant bodies grow, change shape, change colour, stretch to unimaginable proportions, all to make room for a developing baby. We give up our old bodies in exchange for a magical baby growing structure. Sara celebrates the pregnant body through her Parita portrait and hopes to show others how becoming pregnant is a huge commitment which should be nothing but celebrated.

Parita has been painted using subtle textures to emphasise the femininity of her body but also show the strength of motherhood. Spray paint and washes of oils were layered hundreds of times to achieve this texture. The portrait contains delicate pencil lines which emphasise shapes of the pregnant body. Almost as if an architectural drawing.

Some facts about changes the pregnant body encounters:

  • Increased blood volume
  • The pelvic bone separates in the middle
  • Hormone changes
  • Sometimes a dark line appears down your belly
  • Ankles swell
  • Feet have sometimes been known to grow
  • Hair thickens and even grows in areas it may have not done before
  • The brain begins to forget the simplest of things
  • Smelly breath
  • Your lady area becomes unrecognisable
  • Nipples may stick out more

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Parita Portrait
Parita Portrait