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ZWORG Skateboard Exhibition

Front cover of essay book. Artist holding print on a truck covered in graffiti.

The Essay Has Landed..

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About Me

As an artist I’m passionate about delivering work that represents my own self through paintings involving multiple layers of expressive mark making alongside controlled line work inspired by my short stint as a tattoo apprentice. I try to combine both fine art and illustrative techniques. 

I have always been inspired by street culture and its subcultures as well as the history of creative culture within skateboarding, as a skater myself. Not just art created in these cultures but the ethos, concepts and experimentation from film makers, musicians, designers and spaces in which exist because of it. My work often references words and text taken from songs and films which resonate with my life experiences.

My 2D work also develops into 3D practice using wood, plaster and jesmonite. These sculptural works are mostly created using mould making and casting methods of manipulated, existing objects. 3D work enables a level of tactile work which can’t be achieved as well in paintings/drawings. It's these textures and forms which help present my messages. 

I'm also the founder of the It's OKAY Project which is a creative mental health project.